Invest in Real Estate

Bonnie Johnson is considered a seasoned professional in her field as a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Oregon. She has lived and worked in the Portland, Oregon vicinity since she moved there in 1973. So she tends to know her way around the area. Her knowledge of the market and her strong negotiation skills make her EXPERT in BUYING or SELLING a home. She has worked at least 9 years in performing Broker Price Opinions for the Banks as part of the Short Sale and REO Market as well as listed REO properties for the bank.

As a certified eco friendly green home broker, she can find you a home that is as eco friendly and family safe. As well as Residential real estate she has also sold Multifamily and Commercial Properties. She serves in her local church as a musician , singer and child teacher.

Her favorite things to do are to spend time with her grandchildren, camping, boating, and music and helping her Real Estate Client invest in properties that not only look good but will net them the most worth at the time of reselling. Bonnie believes that “Business and Integrity DO MIX” and she strives to be honest and forthcoming in her business and personal life.